Most parents complain that the subject matter learned by children is never retained and they tend to forget about it the moment they step out of the class. Though children are taught good manners, team building, effective learning techniques, public speaking etc in school; there is still a gap between what is being taught to children and what they actually put into practise.


We at Fun'n'Groom not only help them "Build" knowledge but also inspire the children to carry that knowledge home with them for a holistic learning today, tomorrow and for life.


What is included in Carry?


Manuals :-

It includes everything that we have taught to children so that they can practice things at home along with their parents.


Individual assessment :-

Once the program gets over, we conduct various scientifically approved tests for kids as well as parents to understand how much they have learned during our modules.


Counselling and guidance :-

We also provide counselling and guidance in case any parent requires some help in dealing with their child.


Tips to parents :-

We provide tips to parents through face-to-face sessions/events, SMS, mails as well as text hand outs so as to enable them to help their child once the classroom sessions are over.


Competition/ quizzes :-

We conduct a quiz competition at the end of each module which encourages kids to learn during our modules in much better way.


Last but not the least; kids are given a "Fun'n'Groom Achiever" certificate and award after they successfully complete our program.