Director's Message

Akanksha Puprediwar

We started this company with an aim to bring personality development programs to school children. As an important part of education system, schools are gradually starting to understand the importance of personality development at the tender age of a child. They have started introducing these modules. However, the demand is much higher than what is being met. We started our program Fun n Groom after doing an extensive research on personality development of kids.


I had come across personality development programs during my MBA wherein we were taught how to sit, stand, walk, talk, eat, and be confident & impressive. At an age where an individual is fully developed, these things cannot be effectively taught. Though people did learn the proper dining etiquettes, I wonder how many of them are implementing them.


School age is a very tender age where children are completely in learning phase. When they come to the right age where they actually require it, they use it as if they have been using it all their life.


The important pillar of child’s personality is parenting. With changing times, parenting is becoming tougher day by day. To make matter worse, it is firmly believed that since our earlier generations managed and excelled in rearing children without any guidance, there is really no need for any training.


With obvious changes in children, thanks to technology and media, we need a very different approach to handle them in a proper manner. There is a very old saying “children are like birds, if you keep them on an open palm, they will fly away; if you keep them in tightly closed palm, they will get suffocated.” Close your palm in such a way that they don’t fly away and also they don’t get suffocated.


For parents we have modules which help them take up the challenges that they face on day to day basis. We help parents with some tips which help them modify their approach of handling their children.


So once again welcome to Fun n Groom. Let’s build your child’s future...together...


Akanksha Agarwal Puprediwar

Director: Fun n Groom