What is Fun n Groom? Why should my child join it?

Fun n Groom is a personality development program especially designed for Children in the age group of 3 -15 years.

At Fun n Groom we help children develop various aspect of their personality. It will help your child to distinguish from others.


Do you have something for parents?


We organize seminars for parents on Parenting and How to understand your child in a better way.

We also have a 6 hour parenting course which is taken once a week for the duration 4 weeks.

If your child enrolls at Fun n Groom, you will get the manuals for every module that we cover. So that the Learnings can be practiced at home.


What is 6 Hour Parenting?

6 Hour parenting is a module for parents to know the hidden aspect of parenting. It helps parents to know their child and his / her attitudinal changes in a better way. We help parents to bridge the generation gap.

6 hour parenting course is taken on a weekend (1 hour 30 min) and for duration of 4 weeks
It can be organized in school, clubs, offices or in a conference hall.