What is Fun n Groom? Why should I join it?

Fun n Groom is a personality development program especially designed for Children in the age group of 3 -15 years.

At Fun n Groom we help children develop various aspect of their personality. It will help you to distinguish yourself from others.


Will it help me in my studies?

Yes. Sure.

Our modules like homework management and intelligence tests will sure help you in studies. Other modules like may not directly help in studies but will surely help in studying better. Please remember there are many aspects of a person which has to be developed other than studies.


What change I can see in myself after joining Fun n Groom?

Fist change will be, you will feel better about you. Nest one will be, the compliments you will get from your parents, teachers and friends.

Fun n Groom will make you more focused, confident and well groomed. This will help you perform better in school and in future when you enter in college and finally in your career.


What are the timing of the classes?

Currently we have various modules.

We tie up with schools for half yearly and yearly programs. Classes are taken once a week.

We also take weekend classes in schools.

We are setting up our own classes where we will have week day and weekend classes