We understand that parents form an important part of children's grooming apart from their peer group and friends and school teachers. Parents are the first and foremost inspiration for a child and it is a well known fact that children tend to do things the way they watch their parents doing. For a holistic development of a child, parents need to be involved at a certain level.


Keeping in mind these facts we have developed separate modules for parents. These modules are in form of seminars. We have one day seminars where in we touch the most common problems and challenges that parents face.


We also have a 6 hour parenting session where in we take descriptive seminars on how to face these problems.


Apart from the seminar we also provide guidance to individual parents. In case any parent or child feels the need of a counselling, we have experts on our panel.


How our seminar helps? The content of our seminar consists of all the parenting tips that have been forgotten or neglected with time. Parenting is no rocket science and that is what we help parents to understand. Every child is different and his/her need is different. Our seminar helps parents to understand their child and then handle him/her effectively.